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  • Analytics Dashboard for Complete Agency Roster
  • Personalized E-commerce Websites
  • Sponsorship & Collaboration Opportunities
  • Social Media Promotional Content
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Content & Media Management


Launch your own personal brand with a complete ecommerce toolkit that grows with you. Generate revenue and establish yourself as a fan favorite with Athlete Studio.

$99 /month

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  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Personalized E-commerce Website
  • Custom Apparel & Merchandise Designs
  • Custom Logo and Branding
  • Social Media Promotional Content
  • Digital Collectible Templates
  • Gated Content
  • Sponsorship & Collaboration Opportunities
  • Dedicated Account Management


Deliver best-in-class experiences for your fans. Increase brand recognition and discover new opportunities while receiving top of the line support from our team.

$999 /month

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  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Personalized E-commerce Website
  • Digital Collectible Templates
  • Smart Contract Development
  • Digital Collectible Minting Capabilities
  • Automated Drops
  • Digital Wallet Integrations
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • What are Athlete NFTs?

      A non-fungible token (or NFT) is a one-of-a-kind, non-fungible, cryptographic token representing a unique digital asset for which there is no copy or substitute. Athlete Studio is a premium platform for Pro Athletes to create personally branded NFTs based on their most notable games and events.

  • How do Pack Drops work?

      Pack Drops based on Athlete games and events have a specific time window for fans to participate and purchase packs. After the time window closes a finite amount of NFTs will be minted based on the rules of the Pack Drop. The rules and specific NFTs featured in each Pack Drop can be found on the Athlete’s personal website.

  • How do I open my pack and claim NFTs?

      When the Pack Drop time window expires you will receive an email from the Athlete with a link to open your pack. Each item you reveal will have a claim link to transfer the NFT to a FLOW wallet.

  • Do I need to claim items immediately?

      Items do not need to be claimed immediately. If you want to wait until Athlete Studio supports other wallets like Dapper Wallet and Coinbase, simply revisit your claim links in the future.

  • How do Physical Items work?

      If you reveal a Physical Item in a pack it will include a code and credit to purchase real merchandise on the Athlete’s website.

  • What can I do with Signature NFTs?

      Hang on to your Signature NFTs! They are rare NFTs that can be crafted to authenticate virtual memorabilia.

  • When is the marketplace launching?

      Athlete NFTs revealed from packs can be sold on any marketplace supporting FLOW (Bloctobay, Rarible, etc.). Athlete Studio will consistently announce new partnerships and marketplace features in 2022.

  • What is crafting?

      Crafting allows collectors to combine specific NFTs to unlock premium items and Athlete engagements. Athlete Studio will be announcing the first edition of crafting formulas 2022.

  • What is the FLOW blockchain?

      Flow is a fast, decentralized, and athlete-friendly blockchain. Brought to you by the team behind NBA Top Shot, NFL ALL DAY, and UFC Strike, Flow is the foundation for entire ecosystems of consumer applications starting with games, collectibles, and the apps that interact with them.

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